Collaboration brands

Beside our own brand 55° North, we are the Nordic distributor for Burel Factory products. These products can be purchased on this website.

With our strong ambition of being as sustainable as possible we also have collaboration with the following brands:

Lovely Linen

What we consume should be sustainable and durable.
Linen has many advantages when compared to other materials. One of the biggest advantages is that it’s durable and only becomes more beautiful over time. 
Today consumers are more aware of the environmental benefits of linen. This has made linen more attractive and trendy. When we buy linen instead of other materials, such as cotton, we make a better choice for the environment.

Lovely Linen works only with European linen to ensure high quality and appropriate production processes. moreover, Lovely Linen works only with European manufacturers to minimize the need for transportation and ensure high quality transportation methods.


Skovshoved Møbelfabrik

Reliable design, combined with good quality, is the goal for Skovshoved Møbelfabrik.

Over the years, we have found our products in many different places in Denmark. A large part of the furniture has been re-designed, and we have now created a product range that we are very proud of.

Our products are environmentally friendly, produced in wood and lacquered with water-based paint, gentle on the environment. This theme will also apply in the years to come. We want to expand our outdoor range with products we like, either with our own design or with re-designs of old furniture.

Savbriks og savstol

Recycled Dead Stock

Each year the apparel industry is responsible for nearly 7% of the global pollution impact, largely caused by the environmental production costs of textiles.
Our collections are made from deadstock, which is leftover fabrics that we source from high end brands. Recycling leftover fabrics, that would otherwise go to unused, is an opportunity to limit fabric waste and overproduction.
Deadstock allows us to sustainably drive our creativity to create unique designs in high quality, and every style will always be available in a limited quantity.

Working closely with the production, based in Italy, enables us to react on new trends and sustainably get it on the market fast - it also means new designs are often dropped.

As a fashion brand we are proud to take responsibility in caring for our environment and our future, working to limit fabric waste and overproduction.

Fornace Masini

Our mission is the enhancement of Made in Italy, creating the best terracotta to satisfy our customers, their tastes and aspirations.

The innovative potential of our company comes from the experience and values of our business and family history, from the enhancement of the tradition of terracotta in Impruneta and from the love for our products and territory. We always place the customers and their needs at the center of our business, in compliance with ethical, human and environmental values.